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WP Raffle Plugin

Raffle Ticket Generator plugin for Wordpress and WooCommerce websites to host online raffles!

Chance 2 Win

Host an online raffle for fundraising without a website. Have your raffle up and begin getting donations in a day!

Online Raffle Templates

All of our templates are designed using the latest industry standards and are optimized for speed and ticket sales.

Turnkey Raffle Websites

The complete online raffle website solution. Installed and configured on Wordpress and WooCommerce using the Raffle Ticket Generator.

Everything You Need to
Create Your Online Raffle

We are your complete solution for all your online raffle needs. If you already have a web developer and a website in WordPress we offer the most complete raffle ticket generator plug-in for WooCommerce available. If you are a do-it-yourselfer and are familiar with WordPress and woocommerce then we offer a variety of custom-designed themes built specifically for use with our raffle ticket generator plug-in.   Our full featured Raffle Ticket Generator Plugin is designed to be used by experience web designers/developers who understand how to setup a WooCommerce cart with payment methods.

If you prefer a more hands-off approach and want to host an online raffle with all of the benefits of easy fundraising for your nonprofit or charity we offer quick and easy raffle hosting on With a simple set up you can list your prizes and charity profile and select ticket packages and be up and running within a day. We have a sample rules template to make configuring your online raffle a breeze. We even offer quick nonprofit merchant account set up for processing credit cards via

Do you want a dedicated website for your online raffle? We offer an affordable full turnkey website solution to host your raffle and have full control over online raffle fundraising system where we will customize one of our raffle themes for WordPress, install and configure the raffle ticket generator plug-in along with WordPress and WooCommerce and have you up and running within a week.   You simply fill out our Raffle Questionnaire, provide us your ticket package pricing info, images and description of your prize(s) and info about your charity and your merchant info for Stripe, or Paypal.

With thousands of successful raffles – we know what works!

As the developers of the Raffle Ticket Generator Plugin for WordPress Raffles and Lotteries, we have hundreds of customers using our Online Raffle System for Charity Fundraising.  We have listened to our customers and have added all the features they have requested.  We have a few articles on how to maximize your fundraising efforts using an online raffle here.    It is a proven fact that charities that offer way to their supporters to make donations via the internet and offer multiple ticket packages have a significantly return on on their raffle fundraiser.